Mobile Testing

Is your mobile app prepared for the market? Once it’s been developed, you want to ensure you have a holistic understanding of how it’s going to perform on a variety of devices.

That’s where Tests Assured comes in. We provide the personnel for mobile testing projects. These QA experts use manual techniques to ensure that you understand exactly how well your app is working on various devices and across many different uses. Below you’ll learn more about why we’re the Bay Area’s mobile testing QA firm of choice.

Mobile Testing in the Bay Area

Why Choose Tests Assured?

Bay Area Lab

Our testing lab is located in the Bay Area, which means we’re close enough for any clients who want to view the lab in-person.

We're Friendly

We’re not about big egos. We want your project to be successful, which is why we’re happy to work with other recruiters and staffing agencies.

Monitoring And Measuring Of Results

We’ll keep you informed through every step of the process. At the end, you’ll receive a report detailing any of the issues that were found.

What Kind of Mobile Testing Do We Perform?

Our rigorous QA tests are manual, because there’s no replacement for downloading an app to your phone and physically interacting with it to understand how it works from a UX perspective.

We’re always laser focused on our clients’ needs. That’s why we’ll discuss with you any concerns you may have regarding quality assurance, making sure our contractors carefully review any problems you’re particularly wary of.

The Importance of Testing Your Mobile App

Mobile testing allows you to rest easy knowing how the mobile app you’re bringing to market will perform. This means your users spend less time getting frustrated with bugs and more time actually using the app.

Mobile App Testing in the Bay Area

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We’re always happy to help our customers bring their apps to market.

Our Guarantee

We take results seriously. We measure the efficiency of every project and provide a 100% guarantee on the final results. Every engagement includes:

  • Transparent and scalable IT process
  • Infrastructure and optimization setup including the building of tracking systems and launching the test environment
  • Advanced software and testing platform
  • Meticulous budget planning with detailed cost-effective analysis
  • Advanced level of communication that reduces human errors