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We provide premium QA service and products for all kinds of business.

Who We Are?

Tests Assured – is one of the leading QA service company in the US which is offering innovative and advanced technology solutions for your business.Having long enough industrial experience, we have been build up a perfect team of talented, skilled and resourceful employees who are well-known experts in their fields.
As a technology company, we have well-established and transcendent business experience across various industries. Through the last generation of technology, and highly innovative facilities, we can offer a variety of service in different fields such as Telecommunications, Finance and Insurance, Business and Consumer Service, Health Care, Media, Technology, Retail, and Government sector. Tests Assured provides a wide range of service in terms of Quality Assurance and QA Testing software such as Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile Application Testing, etc.
Our passionate, motivated, dedicated and talented team is standing by 24/7 ready to assist you to overcome business challenges. Test Assured is a guideline for the success of your business.

QA Testing & Test Lab

Tests Assurance has been specializing in two directions: QA Testing and Q Test Lab which both of them are significant elements for effective and successful business management and control.
QA Testing – No matter what field of business you operate, there must be any point that your business intersects with technology products, services, and digital systems. To have a competitive advantage, the first thing is the QA service. Our QA analysts and consultants will provide leverage of thousands of testing hours and supply all the necessary knowledge to make your business more competitive.
Q Test Lab – Test Assurance will bring state-of-the-art science and technology that allows you to manage costs effectively, and make better business decisions. Our platform can perform in an offsite and offshore environment. Q Test Lab is responsible for outsourcing services of testing for various enterprise applications including mobile and cloud applications, IoT, etc.
When you need a QA service?

Whether you are small or medium size enterprise, global corporation, government organization or even local community, at one stage of your operational lifetime, you will need QA consulting one way or another way.

Expanding the number of projects – when you see increasing size and number of operations and projects, then more need for the detailed, structured and documented approach is inevitable
Organizational growth – when your enterprise sees rapid growth or when the need for reorganizing arises, previous processes getting outdated.
Bottlenecks lead to poor quality – Quality assurance, development, and communication systems need to be improved.
The appliance of new methods and practices – Testing, Developing and measuring the effectiveness

How Does It Work?

We conduct interviews and analyze workflow to determine and find out main issues
Our team of professional experts comes up with plan and innovative solutions
Execution Or Application
We work out the detailed roadmap and apply new solutions practically
Monitoring And Measuring Of Results
we monitor the ongoing process and measure effectiveness.

Our All Services

What We Offer

Our value to clients- by having long enough industrial experience, Test Assurance is capable of providing a wide range of services across various industry fields. Our core competencies are skilled and talented experts of the team, frameworks of proven project management and measurable operations that will lead to a successful business and considerable leverage in cost-effectiveness.
Our services – By consisting of a variety of different service and products, generally speaking, Test Assurance has been specializing in four directions: Quality Assurance, Digital Assurance, Robotic Process, and Cognitive Automation and Training & Consulting.
No matter what size, what type and which field you are running a business, Tests Assurance could help you to achieve your organizational goals and pursue your strategies successfully by the following service and products:
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What kinds of results will you get?

After the implementation of the whole process, now it is time to measure how effectively and efficiency the project has been realized. Tests Assurance provides a 100% guarantee on the final results. You will get :
  • We offer a transparent and scalable IT process
  • We ensure  infrastructure and optimization setup such as the building of tracking systems and launching testing environment
  • Providing advanced software and testing platform
  • Meticulous budget planning with detailed cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Advanced level of communication with a reduced number of issues caused by human factor

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