At Tests Assured, we are proud to collaborate with industry-leading partners who share our passion for harnessing the potential of Web 3.0, VR/AR, and other emergent technologies

Together, we navigate the exciting frontier of technological innovation, crafting unparalleled solutions designed to reshape digital interaction. Our partners help us make the future tangible today by creating engaging, immersive experiences and driving the digital revolution forward. We look forward to furthering this journey together, ensuring a future where technology not only connects us, but empowers us in unimaginable ways.


Aatral’s approach towards adapting XR solutions for Enterprise clients, to enable them to use advanced technologies to make better decisions
Aatral’s core product – “Safetizen” is a safety platform built in XR that enables your team to understand the safety procedures in your workplace, gain muscle memory with very realistic immersive experiences and face consequences of wrong decisions by experiencing it virtually in a safe environment setup
Our very own metaverse platform – “The Aatralverse” can be built around customized themes more specifically for sports franchises to give their consumers a personalized entertainment experience


Nuvento helps you to leverage the power of digital technology to revolutionize your business offerings. Stand out in today’s competitive business landscape with powerful digital solutions.