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We deliver premium-quality of QA services for global organizations, and private companies all around the world. Our passionate, motivated, dedicated and expert team with holistic knowledge and experience will perform excellence in Quality assurance and Software testing to provide high yield returns and astonishing results. Tests Assured is formed out of love, passion, and enthusiasm to deliver worldwide value through advanced, innovative and world-classic business solutions.

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Our global team and industry-leading platform have been successfully completed hundreds of projects through different countries of the world. We have already been ranked on the top list of the best QA and Testing outsource provider companies. Now, our technological power and innovative resources allow us to take our area of service to the global level. We work with hundreds of different worldwide clients, and customer satisfaction is always our priority. With customer-oriented vision, we are striving and dedicate our effort to become the best QA and Testing Software provider in the world.
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Our Value

We have profoundly united and client- sensitive corporate value and profession code of ethics that makes us so preferable by our clients. Our first and forefront strength is the team who take care of the clients, always love challenge themselves and pursue the motto of “Be kind, make an impact and foster inclusion.”

Corporate Culture

We attract, hire and maintain highly-skilled talents and provide the opportunity to develop themselves through meticulously designed career management and career planning. Each of our employees is carrying total corporate value through his or her performance.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Tests Assured utterly understand that our operational activity makes a considerable impact on society. We have well-established value considering our social responsibility. We are proud of being a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable company.

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As a global company, we have a cross-cultural code of ethics that breaks all the limits and challenges of communication.Tests Assured attempts to maintain diversity such as gender balance of employees, and creative combination of various ethnicities under multicultural values to come up with more creative ideas.

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Why Tests Assured?

Tests Assured is a guideline for the success of your business.

We strive to bring you the best results through the help of advanced technology. As a customer-oriented and innovative company, all we have been focusing is to provide excellent quality of work that contributes value to our clients. If you are seeking out a reliable, trustworthy and worldwide QA and Testing software provider, then you have come to the right address. With the combination of effort and passion by the specialized experts, there is the only way that we pursue – provide help to our partners for achieving organizational goals.

Helping over leading businesses in USA

What Makes Us Different?

Dedicated Team

Our employees are the primary source of our strength and the most valuable commodity that we own. We have hired tens of people from all around the world who are the well-known experts in their fields. Tests Assured provides excellent teamwork that will lead to the prosperity of the business success.

State Of The Art Facilities And Test Labs

As a technology-based company, we follow the latest technology trend and use only the most innovative tools and solutions. We possess all the required facilities and equipment including also test labs which are provided with advanced technology.

Quality QA And Software Testing Outsourcing

With the help of advanced and innovative technological facilities and highly knowledgeable experts, we provide premium-quality of work and QA service for our clients.

Strong Relationship

Since it was founded, our company has been able to build up a well-established collaboration of an extensive network in the market. We do not only give the service to our clients but also maintain a long-term relationship and lifelong support with our customers. Every client we work with turns into our long-time partner either.

Flexible Pricing

We have been working with a wide range of different companies including from the giant global corporations to small or medium-sized enterprises, from the global organizations to local communities. We provide a very elastic and flexible pricing model which is suitable, reasonable and affordable no matter what size of business organization you are.

Cross-cultural Expertise

We have formed a global team of experts through every part of the world. Under the united corporate values, we do not recognize any barrier of communication which is one of the leading sides that makes us so strong and powerful against competitors.
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