Out of the Box Testing

Out of the box testing is a popular service for companies looking to get a thorough understanding of their product’s setup.

Below, you’ll learn more about our out of the box testing service. Specifically, we’ll discuss how out of the box testing works, why it matters, and why we’re the Bay Area’s out of the box testing company of choice.

out of the box testing in the bay area

Tests Assured is the Bay Area’s Out of the Box Testing Company of Choice

Tests Assured is a highly capable QA company. We’re committed to excellence because our customers demand nothing less than the best. Our most recent project has been with Facebook’s Oculus, a cutting edge device that required significant testing to ensure that it was up to the standards necessary for the many users who would be trying out VR for the first time.

One of our clients’ favorite things about us is that we test products in the Bay Area. This makes it easy to view our testing center in-person if you would like to.

How Does Out of the Box Testing Work?

Out of the box is exactly what it sounds like. We’re physically taking the product out of the box to understand what it’s like for a new customer setting it up for the first time. How this process goes will vary depending on the product you have.

Why Out of the Box Testing Matters

If you’ve been working on a product for a while, it can be difficult to remember how difficult setup can be for new users. First impressions only happen once, so you want that setup process to be intuitive as possible.

It’s important to ensure that there are as few problems as possible, especially when you consider the fact that not all of your customers may be tech savvy. The last thing you want is to turn someone off your product before they’ve had the chance to partake in its benefits.

Out of the Box Testing in the Bay Area

At Tests Assured, we’re proud to offer a myriad of different testing services. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our Guarantee

We take results seriously. We measure the efficiency of every project and provide a 100% guarantee on the final results. Every engagement includes:

  • Transparent and scalable IT process
  • Infrastructure and optimization setup including the building of tracking systems and launching the test environment
  • Advanced software and testing platform
  • Meticulous budget planning with detailed cost-effective analysis
  • Advanced level of communication that reduces human errors