Mobile Apps Testing
Mobile applications testing focuses on testing user flows within the app and each feature comprising each user flow. In addition, we check system resources for weak spots and bottlenecks.
Security Testing
The goal is to find a system's vulnerability and determine if data and resources are protected. It identifies network and system weaknesses and later provides solutions for reducing these risks.
Backend Testing
Backend testing discovers bugs earlier when the cost of fixing them is at its lowest. Therefore, avoiding problems such as deadlock and data loss.
Game Testing
Game testing tests the functions of a product without automation. We are identifying bugs, issues, and defects in a product.
IoT Testing
IoT testing ensures interoperability, security, and performance testing while guaranteeing faster time-to-market.
Performance Testing
Performance testing determines the amount of load a software can handle. It also dictates the stability of the software in varying workloads.
User Acceptance Testing
User acceptance testing allows the client to know what to expect from the product rather than assuming. End-user tests specific software functions without checking the internal code.
Web Testing
Web testing keeps URL strings unalterable in security tests. Rigorously carry out cross-browser compatibility testing.
AR/VR Testing
AR/VR is a high-lumen, high-resolution, hands-free user experience. Measuring performance in the mixed reality world revolves around the calibration of sensors.
Automation Framework
Automation framework provides uniformity of design across multiple test scripts to reduce dependency and redundancy. In addition, automated test scripts reduce release cycles by repurposing code and components.
Cross-platform Testing
Cross-platform testing is when you verify that your application works across multiple different web/mobile platforms. The test coverage index helps you select the proper devices, media, and browsers to test.
Accessibility Testing
We test based on the accessibility guidelines (WCAG, ADA, CVAA, iOS, HI) and ISTQB-Based accessibility testing. Test your products for Communications and Video Accessibility (CVAA) Compliance including but not limited to: vision, hearing, cognitive, motor control, and speech.
Firmware Testing
To ensure the firmware meets the set requirements, we embed a software program into the product that allows monitoring, control, and data manipulation of engineered products and systems. The firmware contained in the products provides low-level control for the device.
End-to-End Testing
A technique that tests the complete software life cycle to ensure the application functions as expected. It also defines the system dependencies and ensures all integrated pieces work together as expected.
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